Precision targeting for more effective marketing

Easily filter your list to get the right message to the right contact.

Create Subscribers Lists easily

Import your contacts

Want to upload your contacts database to your Doppler account? It’s really easy! You can either browse for your file in your computer or just drag and drop. We’ll map all your Custom Fields data.

Add your Subscribers manually

Want to add a new Subscriber to your Email List without having to create and upload a file? The best way to do it is manually. Type your new Subscriber's information and save it to a specific list.

Segment and personalize your sendings

Create Segmented Lists based on different criteria like Subscribers’ sex, age, country, marital status, incomings and more. This profiling will help you improve and adapt your Email Marketing sendings.
Assign different Link Tags to your Campaigns and create new Segments based on the click each Tag gets. You’ll be able to adapt each sending to your Subscribers interests and maximize your conversions.
Adapt your Emails based on information obtained from the Reports section, such as Open Rate, Clicks and Bounces. These metrics will be key to segment and improve future sendings.

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