Precision targeting for more effective marketing

Easily filter your list to get the right message to the right contact.

Personalized Every Workflow

When dynamic content and automation combine: email dream team. Think automatically populating an email series with content based on a subscriber’s favorite activity.

Choose Your Automation Triggers

Deliver relevant, contextual email and SMS messages to your customers by triggering personalized communication based on real-time customer behavior such as:

Weekly, Monthly recurring

Event Based List Subscription,Unsubscription

Custom Criteria

API Call

Maximize your conversions with Email Automation

Send promotions every week

Automate your Email Campaigns to be sent weekly to your contacts. This frequency is perfect for those who have a business with recurring promotions.

Remind your clients about their payments dues

Start an Email Automation Campaign and stay ahead of your clients needs! Use Email as a reminder for important monthly dates.

Generate sendings for special dates

Be there for your Subscribers with personalized Email Campaigns ready to be sent on special days of the year as their birthday.

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